Dreamers, creative investors or passionate entrepreneurs?
Let's create meaningful spaces, let's design inspiring interiors.

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Your projects deserve a unique vision to create immersive interiors and connect people to places and time.

We nurture and pursue our passion for well thought-out design in accordance with your requirements, with sensitivity, boldness and of course sustainability. From a programming perspective to the space planning of projects, allied to custom fixtures and furniture design, we conceive thoughtful, elegant and high-end interior design projects.

Let's design togetherLet's design together

What if we designed tomorrow’s interiors together?

You are a partner

Investors, hotel developers, restaurateurs, retailers, or creative entrepreneurs, you have a distinctive and unique project in mind. You want to build to support change, and to meet the expectations of our contemporaries. In response to the constantly changing environment in which we live, above all you focus on and care about the guests, the users or the visitors who will enjoy the experience.
A shared passion and a collaborative approach to design are the values that you (and we) cherish.

We are experts

Creatives and professionals, we are specialists in the design of unique and curated experiences; we connect people to places and transform interiors into genuine destinations.
We imagine how people live and feel inside a space, as we love to play with materials, textures, volumes and lighting, like a choreographer. While complying with your technical, financial and scheduling objectives, we are able to guide you and collaborate with you from a feasibility study through the design phases, to the construction documentation and FF&E phase of your project.

A narrative-based designA narrative-based design

Let's create together

Your projects espouse our times, requirements and unique needs because we are committed to providing you with specific solutions and proposals so that your projects embody your values and commitments.
We think and create for tomorrow, in the most responsible way: eco-construction initiatives + eco-friendly choices of materials and equipment + collaboration with local suppliers, specialist engineers and sustainability experts. Together we create innovative and memorable interiors which will last.

Together, we design immersive environments, meaningful interiors and engaging expériences.

Be bold !

Let’s imagine a design narrative...

Hotels, concept stores, restaurants, wellness centres… Let’s project ourselves, conceive and (re)think these places that you love.

By understanding your expectations and needs but above all by considering the context that characterises your project, a personalised and unique design narrative then takes shape. It will reflect the local culture while drawing inspiration from the history of the existing place, creating an emotional connection between the user and the interior space.

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A collaborative approach to design

Lisiane PIQ, managing director of Unanime intérieur

An entrepreneur and interior designer recognised by the CFAI (French Interior Design Council), for more than 10 years in France and abroad. Her varied and multicultural professional career has enabled her to acquire a remarkable sense of creativity, a great technical expertise, and a well-defined work methodology that she has always imparted and continues to communicate to her team. Ensuring that, at each stage of the creative and development process, and for each type of project (renovation, refurbishment or new-build projects), the design intent is well-translated into the space.

We work in synergy with all parties

Whatever the type or the size of your project, collaboration with all team members (owner, investor, developer, engineer, manufacturer or contractor) enables us to create inspiring designs and master the challenges and objectives of each of your projects. It is this that confers on each project its legitimacy and its own identity.

We're not going to tell you tall stories, but your own story.

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